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Whether it’s a softener, filtration system, or reverse osmosis drinking water system,
De Anza Water can provide you with the best water available on the market today
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Uncompromised Systems

Uncompromised Systems

Kinetico introduced a revolutionary concept over 40 years ago. Kinetico’s patented, non-electric water softeners, whole house filters, and reverse osmosis drinking water systems deliver soft, conditioned, purified water efficiently and cost-effectively on a 24/7 basis. Kinetico systems will outperform other options to bring you the best water available on the market. As a result, you are getting better water and smarter solutions for your home or business.

Third-Party Validation

Third-Party Validation

Kinetico products and equipment have received validation by the water Quality Association (WQA), which assures that the products meet industry standards for performance, capacity, and longevity. Kinetico Systems products offer the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the water conditioning and treatment industry for their water filtration systems.



Bought [De Anza’s] signature Kinetico water filtration and softener system in late January 2015. Very effective system competitively priced and professionally installed in three hours. Great people, great product.

-Wendy C., Los Gatos, CA

We are very pleased with the product and the installation. Yes, it’s pricey. However, it exceeds our expectation and we feel we have received more than enough value for the money we spent. Mike Munns, the installation tech, was courteous, efficient, and cleaned everything up when he was done. The installation is very professional, including patching the drywall that was removed to access the pipes…We are very pleased and would highly recommend them to anyone thinking of getting water conditioning equipment.

-Jay M., San Jose, CA

We have enjoyed our Kinetico water Softener system for 8 years. We recently had a float shut off issue and [De Anza’s] quick response was greatly appreciated. Our thanks to John, Chris, Ian and the ladies on the phone. Your company rocks [its] customer service!

-Sandy M., San Jose, CA

I purchased a Kinetico water softener from this outfit. I found John to be very professional and friendly and obviously believes in what he is selling. To be honest, I had some sticker shock at the price of the water softener, but I know I needed one as I tested my water several times over the years and it was super hard and taking a toll on my dishwasher, showers, washing machine and my water tasted like chlorine. The plumbing piece took about 3 hours and in about 3 days I could definitely see and feel the new soft waters effects. Also the water didn’t taste like chemicals any more. Wish I would have done this earlier in my home ownership. The water softener is also easily moved so if I ever move again, I can take it with me and it is still under warranty.

-David P., San Jose, CA

When I moved down to Royal Oaks, CA, 30 years ago, I had De Anza Water Conditioning install a Kinetico unit, knowing it was the best water softener on the market. It has worked flawlessly for all thirty years until the holding tank overflowed. I called to make an [appointment] for a service call and was given instructions on how to stop the overflow. Owner John Shafer came down personally and replaced the float that had gotten stuck because I use potassium salts which are a petroleum product that literally gums up the works. The unit is humming along like new again and I was thrilled that I wouldn’t have to replace it. John replaced the float at no cost to me which really made my day!!! If you’re looking for a quality water softener, you really can’t beat the Kinetico and the service from De Anza. Thank you, John!

-Tomiko E., Watsonville, CA