Water Treatment Services

De Anza Water Conditioning provides a full spectrum of high-efficiency water treatment services. We see you through all of your water purification needs. We start by providing free, no-obligation consultation in your home, where we test the water for hardness and the amount of total dissolved solids, known as TDS. Once we know what specific water treatment services you need, we’ll help you create a water system that is designed to meet those needs. After installation, minimal maintenance is required to own Kinetico’s patented, non-electric water systems, filters, and purified drinking water systems. However, we are available if you have problems with or need service to your system.

Water Quality Testing

Before you can determine what type of water system you’ll need, it is important to know what type of water you have. De Anza Water Conditioning provides a free, no-obligation water visit at your home or business. The technician will test for minerals in the water that make it “hard water,” as well as test for the level of total dissolved solids (TDS). An abnormally high TDS can signal problem water, even if you can’t taste it, smell it, or see it.

If you can smell, taste, or see a problem in the water, there are various causes, and they can be remedied with the proper application of Kinetico Water Systems equipment.

Water System Design

Once your specific water treatment needs are known, you and a member of the technical team can focus on a water system design that will solve the problem. Whether designing a system for a business or for a residence, the technicians review the building to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to get your water filtration needs met.

After Installation Visits

We want our customers to feel confident in the utility of their system and feel comfortable that they know how to control the system. After initial installation of a water system, a member of the technical team will schedule an appointment to come back to check on the system and make sure that everything is working as intended. This visit also gives the customer the chance to ask any questions that may have arisen since the installation.

Technical Support

De Anza Water Conditioning continues to be available for system support after all installation and check-ups are complete. The low-maintenance, small-footprint, non-electric Kinetico Water Systems do not waste water and require very little attention. If your water softening system has a carbon filter, that will need to be changed approximately every 6-8 years. If the system is properly maintained, the resin, which is the softening media, may never need to be changed. If you have a reverse osmosis drinking water system, your general filters need to be changed every 500 gallons, and there is an indicator to let you know when that time is near, and the membrane needs to be changed every 10 years. Commercial water treatment and RO systems may need more frequent periodic maintenance.

If something in the system is malfunctioning or if the system needs to be cleaned, customers can call the office for detailed instructions on troubleshooting or to schedule an appointment fo a service call.