Every Kinetico system comes complete with our best thinking

Kinetico water softener systems are powered by the kinetic energy of moving water — not electricity. So they’re more efficient and less costly to run. And the patented twin-tank design means they never go offline.

Kinetico water conditioners have received validation by the Water Quality Association (WQA), which assures that the products meet industry standards for performance, capacity, and longevity. Kinetico Water Systems products offer the longest and most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Kinetico softeners and filters remain cutting-edge leaders in water softening and filtering systems for the industry, and many have been rated a Consumers Digest “Best Buy”


Well-Water Softeners

Well water often brings with it a host of unwanted substances, such as iron and manganese, which are effortlessly removed with a Kinetico well-water filter for a simple soft water solution for your home or commercial business. We offer a choice of highly effective filtration media, including Macrolite Ceramic Media, or Calcite. Macrolite removes very fine particulate matter to protect plumbing, appliances, fixtures, and clothing. Calcite neutralizes water’s pH level to eliminate blue-green staining and corrosion of plumbing and appliances. Kinetico well water softeners and filters offer a simple solution for your problem water.




City-Water Softeners

Kinetico city-water softeners remove hardness-causing minerals, as well as chlorine and chloramines that may affect taste and odor. Our Activated Carbon filtration process is used for dechlorination to improve the taste and eliminate odors from water. Dechlorination reduces drying of hair and skin.

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Serving the Bay Area for four decades has given De Anza Water Conditioning the experience necessary to provide the highest quality, most efficient water softener or water conditioner systems matched with unparalleled, professional service. Since 1979, De Anza Water Conditioning provides Kinetico water softener systems for homes and businesses in numerous Bay Area cities such as: Atherton, Campbell, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los GatosMorgan Hill, Palo Alto, San JoseSan Mateo, Santa Cruz, SaratogaRedwood City, Willow Glen, and Woodside. Kinetico water filtration systems meet top industry standards for performance, capacity, and longevity. With small-footprint, highly efficient, and cost-effective designs, our non-electric water softener systems save both water and electricity, thus saving you money. A Bay Area leader for your water conditioning solutions, De Anza Water Conditioning can solve your water problems.