Solve Water Problems Without the Use of Chemicals or Salt


De Anza’s Salt Free Systems by Kinetico offer an effective solution for customers who don’t want to use chemicals or salt to solve their water issues. Also known as SRS or Scale Reduction System, this saltless alternative minimizes scale buildup and helps to keep energy bills lower while enhancing the performance of appliances by preserving their internal mechanics.

In addition, De Anza’s Salt Free Systems work to purify water throughout your entire home by tackling potentially harmful water problems from iron, hard water and odor-causing impurities to cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Lastly, our Salt Free system employs the use of tested technological advancements to prevent potentially harmful scale buildup. This is achieved by reducing the capacity for your home or commercial building’s water to create scale molecules. The best part? It is all done with a compact system that does not require chemicals or salt.

For over 40 years, De Anza Water Conditioning has been serving many Bay Area cities with industry-leading water conditioners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and specialty water filters for both residential and commercial use. Our highly trained specialists will help you maintain and service your home water treatment system for years to come. We provide service to the following Bay Area cities: Atherton, Campbell, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los GatosMorgan Hill, Palo Alto, San JoseSan Mateo, Santa Cruz, SaratogaRedwood City, Willow Glen, and Woodside