Address Problem Water with our Reverse Osmosis Filters & Water Filtration Systems

Serving the Bay Area for over four decades has given De Anza Water Conditioning the experience necessary to provide the best-in-class specialty water filters used primarily to filter well water. Our whole house water filtration system uses specialty filters to remove sediment, iron, sulfur, and arsenic, and can neutralize acidic water. Our Kinetico whole house water filtration systems use the finest in reverse osmosis filters making for superior clean water. Since 1979, De Anza Water has provided Kinetico water softener systems and water filtration systems for homes and businesses all over the Bay Area, including, but not limited to: Atherton, Campbell, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los GatosMorgan Hill, Palo Alto, San JoseSan Mateo, Santa Cruz, SaratogaRedwood City, Willow Glen, and Woodside. Kinetico water filtration systems meet top industry standards for performance, capacity, and longevity. Our unique, non-electric, highly efficient, small-footprint designs save water and money. De Anza Water Conditioning is the Bay Area leader for your water conditioning solutions!

Kinetico filters can take on virtually any water problem

Kinetico’s engineered filters and systems solve a variety of water conditions, such as cloudy water, foul smells (rotten egg), rust or blue-green stains, chlorine taste and smell, or corrosive properties. With Kinetico water filters, your water can be restored to its most pure state.

Carbon Filter

Using the most effective activated carbon on the market, Kinetico’s carbon filter removes chlorine and bad tastes and smells from your water.


Chlorine Removal Filter

This single-tank system will remove chlorine from all the water going into the home. It also protects your water softener from the damaging effects of chlorine so your water softener will have a longer life.

Macrolite® Filter

Developed in conjunction with 3M and brought to you exclusively by Kinetico, this unique ceramic media removes to a negligible level certain forms of iron, sediment, particulate matter, and turbidity.

Sulfur Guard™ Water Filter

The Kinetico Sulfur Guard® Water Filter is simple, easy-to-maintain, and effectively removes foul smelling “rotten egg” water.

Calcite System

This unique system solves the problem of acidic water by raising the pH of your water to a neutral level 7, which will remove the blue-green stains on copper fixtures and pipes or in bathtubs and sinks.


Chloramine Reduction System

Many municipalities are now using chloramine (a chemical compound made of chlorine and ammonia) to disinfect the water. Like chlorine, chloramine has an unpleasant taste and smell, and it can be corrosive to copper pipes.

Arsenic Guard® Water Filter

This no-hassle solution will remove arsenic, a deadly poison, from your water.

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