Our Products – Water Softeners, Water Filters, Drinking Water Systems and Problem-Water Filters

Kinetico water conditioning systems are comprised of essential Kinetico products, which when combined, supply the absolute very best water all throughout your home. De Anza Water is a preferred vendor of Kinetico water conditioner systems. Efficiently. And without electricity. Because better water flows from better thinking.


Drinking Water Systems

Filter out chemicals, metals, algae, fungi even bacteria and viruses for safe, clean drinking water.


Water Softeners

Remove hardness-causing calcium and magnesium from water for a difference you can feel.


Whole House Filters

Eliminate substances that cause foul odor and taste as well as screen out suspended solids that make water appear cloudy.


Problem-Water Filters

Zero in on your water’s trouble spots to effectively remove virtually any problem.


Salt Free Systems

The Kinetico Scale Reduction System uses proven science to help prevent scale buildup where it can do the most harm.

What makes Kinetico different?

Through our long and established affiliation with Kinetico, De Anza Water Conditioning is able to provide you with the best, most cost-effective solution for your water problem.

Patented technology, non-electric parts, high-efficient regeneration, cost-effective use of consumables (salt and potassium) and water, lead-free faucets, and the longest, most comprehensive warranties in the industry. Kinetico products are validated by the Water Quality Association (WQA), ensuring it meets industry standards for performance, capacity, and integrity.

For over 40 years, De Anza Water Conditioning has been serving many Bay Area cities with industry-leading water conditioners, reverse osmosis drinking water systems, and specialty water filters for both residential and commercial use. Our highly trained specialists will help you maintain and service your home water treatment system for years to come. We provide service to the following Bay Area cities: Atherton, Campbell, Gilroy, Los Altos, Los GatosMorgan Hill, Palo Alto, San JoseSan Mateo, Santa Cruz, SaratogaRedwood City, Willow Glen, and Woodside.