To All Prospective Users and Buyers,

We are the owners of the Kinetico water system. The water here in Gilroy is extremely hard and after seeing the tests performed by our sales representative, Richard Thomas, we knew that we must do something about the problem.

After our initial presentation by Mr. Thomas, we took some time to think about whether we wanted to go with the system or look into something else. We did some research on water softeners and purification systems. The Kinetico system was rated among the top and so we decided to give it a try. Being a cautious person, I really wanted to rent the unit to see if we liked it. This is a big purchases and I just wanted to make sure.  

The installation was performed within a few days of our agreement and was very quick and easy. The man that installed the unit was very neat and thoroughly explained everything about the unit and its maintenance. We were quite surprised by how little room that the unit takes up. We had looked at other water softeners and the tubs were huge. This just takes a small space in the corner of the garage.

The changes in our water were immediately noticed. Our skin felt so much softer after showers. I also noticed a large decrease in the amount of soap and laundry detergent that we are using. No more water spots on the shower doors and walls. Our fixtures also remain shiny, so more using caustic calcium removers!

After a few months, we decided that we would go ahead and purchase the unit. We are completely satisfied with it and would recommend this water softener and the company that provided it to anyone. We have absolutely no complaints about the purchase at all. 

Dwight and Pamela Wimmer
Gilroy, CA

Dear Richard,

Ok thanks for this fantastic system, our family is very happy with the clean great tasting water.  Our skin feels softer clothes are cleaner and I’m saving money at the Super Market. Thanks for checking up with us days after the installation. I’m sure you’ll be by several more times just like you said.

Again, thanks again and see you soon,

The Escalante’s